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The home of internationally bestselling author David W. Barber!

David W. Barber has delighted readers around the world with A Musician’s Dictionary, Bach, Beethoven and the Boys, When the Fat Lady Sings, Quotable Alice and other bestselling books of musical humor and literary reference. Filled with useful (and some useless!) information conveyed in a light-hearted, offbeat, irreverent tone, his books have the knack of being both informative and hilariously entertaining. In addition to worldwide sales in English-speaking countries, many of the books have been translated into languages as varied as Italian, Polish, Chinese and even Persian.

Here’s what some notable people have said about
David W. Barber’s books:

“My heartiest commendation for an admirable work of scholarship. … I will not say again that it is funny, since this will compel you to set your jaw and dare Barber to make you laugh.”

Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange,
on Bach, Beethoven and the Boys

“I must say I still adore opera. I know it is just as silly as Mr. Barber says it is, but I love it.”

Anna Russell, musical comedian, on When the Fat Lady Sings

“This amusing and witty … delightful book.”

Yehudi Menuhin, violinist, conductor, on A Musician’s Dictionary

“Those who have laughed their way through David Barber’s earlier books will know that there are a lot of facts lurking behind his irreverent humor.”

Trevor Pinnock, conductor, early music scholar, on Getting a Handel on Messiah

“If I had gone to music school, this is how I would want to learn about all those composers [This book] is so clever that you don’t need me to tell you it’s clever. You can read it and find out for yourself. … This is a very humorous book, but at the same time it tells it like it is, or was. David’s not really fabricating anything, he just manages to give you the gist of the history while leaving out all the boring bits.”

Maureen Forrester, renowned contralto,on When the Fat Lady Sings

“I liked it a lot, I certainly learned a few things and I had some good laughs along the way.”

Karen Kain, prima ballerina, arts administrator, on Tutus, Tights and Tiptoes

“I was delighted by these short, witty pieces by this talented writer.”

Ben Wicks, humorist, cartoonist, on The Last Laugh

“I enjoyed these pieces enormously. I never do the short run myself, since that is very much a newspaper rather than a magazine format, and I am delighted to see that my most familiar approach actually works over the sprint.”

Alan Coren, former editor of Punch magazine, on The Last Laugh