Tuesday, 30 of November of 2021

Accidentals on Purpose: A Musician’s Dictionary

108 pages, paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9809167-2-0

Illustrated by Dave Donald, with a preface by Yehudi Menuhin

Accidentals on Purpose: A Musician’s Dictionary is a newly revised and expanded version of David W. Barber’s first book, A Musician’s Dictionary. Now including definitions and illustrations from his international bestseller Tenors, Tantrums and Trills, it is a hilarious spoof, a clever collection of musical definitions from Accidentals (“wrong notes”) to Z (“the sound made by members of the audience during a performance”) and lots in between (“Piano Tuner: A person employed to come into the home, rearrange the furniture and annoy the cat.”) These witty and sometimes trenchant terms are sure to delight both the trained musician and the tone-deaf music lover alike. The book is wonderfully illustrated by Dave Donald.