Friday, 21 of June of 2024

Quotable Sherlock

compiled and edited by
David W. Barber

130 pages, paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0920151532

In Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created two of the most recognizable – and memorable – characters ever invented in English literature. And they’ve been given new life in the recent Guy Ritchie film starring Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes and Jude Law as his Watson. A Study in Scarlet, The Hound of the Baskervilles and others of the 56 short stories and four novels that make up the Sherlockian “Canon” have for more than a century delighted and intrigued readers all over the world. Although the Great Detective is generally a serious fellow, the stories often have a droll sense of humor and at times a profound insight into the human condition. Many of their phrases and expressions – “Elementary,” “the game’s afoot!” and others – have entered into the lexicon of everyday speech. (Well, in certain circles, anyway.)

In Quotable Sherlock, longtime fan David W. Barber brings together the best and most memorable of Conan Doyle’s pithy expressions from the Sherlockian Canon, complete with an index for easy reference. The text is wonderfully complemented by a selection of the famous original illustrations by Sidney Paget.

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