Monday, 15 of July of 2024

Music Lover’s Quotation Book

David W. Barber

The Music Lover’s Quotation Book

224 pages, paperback
ISBN-10: 092015137X
ISBN-13: 978-0920151372

“If music be the food of love,” Shakespeare says in Twelfth Night, “play on.” And if you love music, you’re sure to love this collection of wise, witty and wonderful words by and about music and musicians of all kinds and styles. Compiled and edited by musical humorist, musician, composer and internationally bestselling author David W. Barber, The Music Lover’s Quotation Book contains hundreds of quotes. It brings together memorable words and sayings by composers, performers, writers, listeners, critics, fans and even just plain hangers-on across a wide range of musical genres and time periods, from classical masters to jazz legends to country crooners to the bad boys of hip-hop and rap. “You can’t cheat in mathematics or poetry or music,” John Steinbeck says in Sweet Thursday, because they’re based in truth.”

There’s certainly truth to be found in this collection of quotes, as well as humor, sadness, wisdom and insight. So whatever your musical tastes or interests, The Music Lover’s Quotation Book is sure to entertain, amuse and enlighten you.