Monday, 15 of July of 2024

If It Ain’t Baroque: More Music History as it Ought to be Taught

160 pages, paperback
ISBN-10: 0920151159
ISBN-13: 978-0920151150

David W. Barber
Illustrated by Dave Donald

Having already tackled the lives of the great composers, with If It Ain’t Baroque David W. Barber delves into the history of classical music by looking at the development of its major genres. (Don’t panic – genre is just a highbrow word for type or form.) From Gregorian chants to Renaissance motets to symphonies, masses, concertos and more, if it’s classical, Barber will have a hilarious yet insightful word (or two) to say about it. He even tries to explain just why we call it “classical” music in the first place. And if it ain’t Baroque, Barber is fixing to tell you why.

Once again, Dave Donald comes along for the ride and does an illustrious job. /